Why a website now?

Anglers will be aware that there is a dearth of credible information out there about what is happening on the system. Yes, the various officers of clubs and syndicates will be clued in but the ordinary angler has to rely on gossip and the propaganda emanating from the Agency eg. the mythical ghost fish that no-one sees or catches which have travelled over counters that were and are not fit for purpose. (see Chairman’s letter to Trout  & Salmon, and his report on the counters on The Finn and Sion Mills).

FASTA is aware of this problem and this website is an attempt to counter this situation. However, the site is more than an information vehicle – it is your site. It is for individual anglers who can put forward their views and concerns about the system. It is a vehicle whereby club secretaries/private owners can alert FASTA to problems on their stretch of waters where they need assistance.

Individual anglers/clubs/private owners form a very important body in the Foyle. FASTA spearheaded the campaign to stop the nonsense put forward by the Agency of charging for tags. That campaign succeeded because of the leadership of FASTA and the individual anglers, clubs and private owners who came together and spoke with one voice. No contest!

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