The original remit of FASTA was to seek the ending of all commercial netting in the Foyle to ensure the survival of salmon and sea trout so that the resource could be enjoyed by the communities who live and work in the region and to attract visiting anglers to the area which has been bedevilled by generational unemployment. This remains the fundamental aim of the organisation.

However, there are other threats to the system – one of which is the massive expansion of planned hydro-electricity generation on some of our most important spawning areas e.g. the plan by Omagh District Council to install a hydro on the Camowen where some 25% of the spawning total of the Foyle system takes place. This is the type of environmental vandalism that FASTA is fighting against in conjunction with Omagh Angling Association.

Fasta is also in conflict with The Loughs Agency on a number of issues. Its management policy of spawning targets et al and its unqualified support for commercial netting over a long period, despite many warnings, has led to the collapse of salmon stocks on a number of tributaries on the system. The sea trout population is also in major decline and The Agency has overseen this matter with the same lethargy as it has on the hydro and netting issues. This is only a flavour of what FASTA works on.

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