Mourne/Derg report week ending Saturday, 22 September 2012

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Conditions were generally dreadful with another large flood lasting most of the week in both rivers. By Saturday things had calmed down and anglers were able to wet a line.

Understandably catches were low. During a brief interlude mid-week there were a few landed from the Gravenue and by the end of the week a few more around the Blackstone. On the high water throws aboveVictoriaBridgea few more were grassed but exact details are sketchy.

Below are reports of fish landed:

Wednesday, 19 September: John Morrow, 2 fish, Gravenue; John Tinney, 2 fish, Gravenue

Saturday, 20 September:TravisGough, 1 fish, The Blue Bells

More rain forecast for this week. On a brighter note I fished below Sion Mills on Sunday night and saw a dozen or more running fish right up to dark. A real mixture of small grilse and good quality fish in double figures and all appearing to be fresh from the tide.

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