Mourne/Derg report week ending Saturday, 15 September 2012

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There was only one day’s fishing on the Mourne last week due to a heavy flood rendering the river unfishable. As a result, the Derg benefited and was in good nick all week.

As a result of a recent large flood, catches were naturally down with only a day or so available to anglers. Those anglers able to wet a line on Friday and Saturday noted that a lot of resident fish had moved on leaving pools for the first time this year a bit sparse. As usual the Gravenue in Sion produced fish, as did the Feddens and Snaa, both of which are fishable in high water.

Below are some reported catches:

Friday, 14 September: Desi Patton 6lb, 7lb, Gravenue

Saturday, 15 September: G Wolfe, 7lb (returned), Gravenue;NGough, 7lb and10lb (both returned) Blackstone; T Gough, 4lb (returned), Higgins Stream

It’s becoming harder to predict what’s going to happen. A couple of recent fish appeared like true back enders, but then again there are still grilse around. With the amount of water in the ground and rain forecast, anglers are advised to play it on a daily basis as to where to fish. Hopefully, better quality late fish will put in an appearance before the season’s end.

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