Mourne/Derg report week ending 6 October 2012

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The Mourne was nigh on impossible all week with another flood in the system. The Derg benefited and a few fish were landed around Ardstraw and CrewBridge.

Although angling was severely restricted on the Mourne, it was good to see late arrivals taking the weir at Sion Mills. With the river by now well cleaned out it was possible to throw a spinner at times and one or two anglers took full advantage and duly landed a few fish. The Derg on the other hand was near perfect at times and some fresh arrivals were grassed around Ardstraw andCrewBridge. One or two successful anglers are listed below:

Sunday, 30 September: Geoff Hamilton, 11lb & 9lb (both returned), The Broad Bridge

Wednesday, 3 October: Glen Quinn, 7lb & 6lb, The Hole

Friday, 5 October: Bobby Craig, 2 fish, Ardstraw

The forecast is not looking too bad for the week ahead so this could deliver some late sport. Today, Sunday, the river is high, dropping, clean and fishable.

It was great to report so many fish being returned all year, however, now is not the time to become complacent! Please inspect all your fish and only take if necessary cock fish for the table.

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