Mourne/Derg report 26 July to 8 September 2012

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The Mourne has been in near perfect conditions over the past fortnight. One or two days were lost when a foot or two of water came down the river, otherwise there are good conditions all round. The Derg has suffered due to a lack of water barring a couple of freshets to stir things up.

Catches predictably have slowed on the Mourne for two main reasons. Firstly, lots of local anglers have had their fill by now, some having their best season to date. That drive to get up early or fish late has subsided with many preferring to mosey to the banks and fish at a more leisurely pace. Secondly, by now the river is stuffed with hen fish and their hormones are playing havoc with anglers and plucks, boils and tugs are common. On three recent trips to the river I touched 15 fish landing two, both cock fish, the remainder were lightly hooked and lost or just giving a pluck or tug to anything I had to offer. This scenario is being repeated on all beats. Hopefully in a week or two things will change back to normal. All beats are reporting a very good head of fish which is great to see.

On the Derg the picture is the same. A friend from Ballymongan fished the top end last Saturday and landed six on a trout rod (all returned). Most were past their best but gave great sport. It is hoped the Derg will get the traditional late run of back end fish to liven things up a bit.

Below is a small selection of fish landed:

Sunday, 26 September: N Gough, 2 fish (returned) Behind Mill; J Harron, 2 fish (returned), Liskey

Monday, 27 September: Gavin Hamilton, 7lb (returned), Wood Hole

Tuesday, 28 September: Gary Wolfe, 1 fish (returned), Gravenue

Wednesday, 29 September: V Fisher, 2 fish, Gravenue; T Hamilton, 1 fish (returned), Gravenue

Friday, 31 September: J Murray, 3 fish (all returned), Mulvin; Frank Elliot, 2 fish (returned), Feddens

Tuesday, 4 October: G Wolfe, 6lb (returned), Sion

Thursday, 6 October: P Doherty, 2 fish, Strabane; T Gough, 7lb (returned), Higgins Stream

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