Mourne/Derg Report, week ending Saturday, 25th August 2012

It was another challenging week on both Mourne and Derg. Flood water as a result of heavy overnight rains in the Sperrins came down both rivers on Monday 20, Wednesday, 22 and Saturday, 25 August, rendering 90% of both rivers unfishable. By my count that’s about a dozen floods since the start of June. Great for running fish but difficult for angling.

Unsurprisingly, catches were low on most beats. Sion’s Gravenue still produces fish even in the highest of floods as the turbines take water off the weir leaving the pool lower than most others. The Brookeborough beat, Feddens and Snaa are all capable of high water angling on certain pools and there are reports of fish being landed from all these beats. Fish continue to enter the river off the tides, which is fantastic to see and bodes well for the future.

The upper reaches of the Derg have been producing odd fish but most are now well past their best.

Here is a sample of catches for the past week:

Sunday 19 August: Nigel Gough 5lb, 5lb, 10lb & 11lb, Blackstone

Monday, 20 August: Gary Wolfe 8lb, Gravenue; Glen Quinn 7lb and 8lb, Gravenue

Tuesday, 21 August: Glen Quinn, 12lb Gravenue; John Campbell 4lb, Blackstone

More rain on the forecast. By now the river is well washed out so do not be put off by heavy water. True “backenders” will hopefully put in an appearance in the not to distant future so there’s a lot to look forward to. The Derg historically gets a late run of good quality fish, so keep an ear to the ground.

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Mourne/Derg Reports week ending Saturday, 18 August 2012

One word for the past week in both rivers: “FLOOD” and a big one at that, lasting all week. There are no catches to report as angling was nigh on impossible. The outlook is that both rivers are fishing today, Sunday, 19 August, but it looks like a lot of fish have moved on upstream. There has been a steady run of good quality salmon over the weir at Sion Mills all week which is great news. I spoke to anglers from the Strule, Owenkillew and Glenelly and all have reported good numbers of fish in all rivers. More rain forecast for midweek, and thunder and lightning in the Derg valley as I write! Make the best of it while you can.

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Mourne/Derg reports week ending Saturday, 11 August 2012

This report covers the last fortnight

A high and dirty flood rose at the end of June, holding up until 3 August. While the Mourne was out of order, the Derg was in the pink for a few days. By the end of the week the Derg was low and the Mourne was perfect and continued to hold well up to 13 August, when heavy rain started to push it up again.

There have been many fish landed over the past fortnight. During the flood it was great to witness a strong prolonged run of fish moving over the weir at Sion with fish coming off every tide all week. Sion Mills continues to fish extremely well with fish landed on a regular basis from all pools: Paddy’s Stream, the Bigh, the Gravenue, Behind the Mill, The Woodhole, The Blackstone and Higgins Stream have all featured. Above Victoria Bridge the private beats have produced many fish, the Brookeborough beat, Mulvin Bay, the Feddens and Snaa have all featured with dozens of fish landed.

The Derg, a beautiful tributary of the Mourne, has enough fish to keep anglers interested. The river when in spate has produced fish but not enough to boast about yet. Unfortunately it is difficult to control the shrimping in the head waters which can exact a heavy toll in small pools. Co-operation between Derg Angling Club and Loughs Agency bailiffs has resulted in some shrimpers being caught and hopefully in due course heavy fines could be delivered. How these individuals can call themselves anglers is beyond me.

Some notable catches are listed below but this is only a snippet.

Sunday, 29 July:  S Mahood, 7lb (returned) Bigh; T Gough 7lb, 9lb (both returned) Paddy’s Stream

Tuesday, 31 July:  Andrew Loughlin, 4lb 8lb (returned) Sion; J Connors 3 fish (all returned) Sion

Friday, 3 August:  G Robinson, 3 fish (returned) Liskey Stream; N Gough, 2 fish (returned) Stralag; T Gough, 7lb (returned) Ginners

Saturday, 4 August:  C Black, 3 fish (all returned) Behind the Mill; S McAleer, 3 fish (all returned) Behind the Mill; T Farrell, 9lb (returned) Bigh

Sunday, 5 August:  A Loughlin, 7lb Blackstone

Monday, 6 August:  G McAleer, 5 fish (4 returned) Liskey; J Murray, Sion; T Gough, 5lb Higgins Stream

Wednesday, 8 August:  S Corrigan, 6lb Bigh; A Scott, 1 fish Gravenue

Thursday, 9 August:  P Becks, 3 fish (all returned) Sion

Saturday, 11 August:  D McGuigan, 11lb Victoria Bridge; N Gough, 2 fish (returned) Ginners

The outlook for rain this week will hopefully keep fish coming and poachers at bay. After such a good season it’s easy to forget that August can be a dogged month when fish can seem disinterested. There are fish in every pool so keep the fly in the water.

On a separate note, it was heartening to talk to the Chairman of Finore Angling Club at the Loughs Agency Angling Fair in Fintona. He informed me that there were many salmon already resident in the streams around and above Fintona. Great news!

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Upper Mourne reports

Salmon fishing on the Upper Mourne in July provided some good sport, despite unsettled weather during the month, with a catch of 48 fish.  The best day yielded 9 fish on 22nd July. We have good rod availability in August and October, there a few odd days available in September.  Baronscourt Estate has just joined Facebook, so do join us.  Weekly reports are posted on our website,

July – 48 salmon caught

23 July, an 8lb salmon was caught on the Snaa, and a 4lb caught at Blackstone. The following day, 24 July, with rising water levels, a visiting angler caught a 4lb on the Derg Hole. On 26 July, R Whiteman in the late evening caught a 4lb grilse in the Blackstone. Water was slightly coloured on 25 July and by Saturday, 28 July, rising water levels have left water coloured and unfishable with a lot of rain falling last night (31 July).

16 July S McCausland 2.5lb from Snaa. 17 July G McClure netted an 8lb and 3lb from the Snaa. 20 July A Hamilton 5lb salmon caught in Snaa. 22 July saw our best single day catch on the fishery. J Hutton caught 3 salmon, two at 4lb and one at 3 lb from the Snaa, G McClure had 3 fish to his rod, 8lb and 6lb from in Doaks, as well as 5.5lb from the Snaa, J Irvine caught 3.5lb, 7.5lb, and 5.5lb all from Doaks. So a total on this Sunday of 9 fish.

10 July Carnaquin produced a fresh 4 lb grilse for R Freeborn; R Gibson caught a good 8lb in the Snaa. 13 July produced a good number of fish with A Alston visiting from GB, a 4lb fish from the Snaa, G Baird 7.5lb from the Snaa and 5lb Carnaquin. I Gordon 8lb from Snaa, J Irvine2.5lb from the Halfwater. 14 July, J Hutton caught two fish 8lb and 4lb in the Snaa pool with R Gibson following suit with 4lb; R Freeborn also caught a 5lb fish from the Snaa.

1 July, J Irvine caught a 3.5lb and a 7.25 lb fish in the Derg Hole; J Hutton caught and returned two fish, one 4.5lb and one at 4lb in the Derg Hole. 2 July, R Freeborn caught and returned a 4.5lb fish in the Derg Hole. 6 July, the Snaa pool was in flow and two female anglers connected, S Craigie 3lb, and F Hamilton Stubber 5lb.

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