Mourne/Derg report week ending 23 June 2012

Mourne Big and dirty floods to start and end the week! Heavy rain last weekend mostly in the Sperrins brought the Mourne up several feet making it unfishable. More of the same all day Friday put the river out on Saturday and, barring the Gravenue in Sion Mills, most beats struggled to fish all week. That said, some of the high water throws were fished and fish were seen on the move with a few encountered. Once again with high water all week, Sion Mills was the hot spot. Wednesday, 18 June was a particularly good day with about 15 fish landed averaging 6/7lb. There were a good few fish seen on different days on the weir which will help the upstream beats when fishable. I have reports of some fish landed upstream of Victoria Bridge around Liskey and Mulvin. The Park Shrimp, by all reports, is doing the business around Sion.

Sunday, 17 June: M McCrea 6lb Blackstone

Monday, 18 June: J Connors 2 x 8lb, Gravenue; B Hutchinson 4lb, Sion; A Norby 7lb, Gravenue; M McCrea 7lb, Sion.

Wednesday, 20 June: J Connors 2 x 6lb

Thursday, 21 June: B Finlay 4lb returned

Saturday, 22 June: A Norby 6lb, Sion; A Patton 5lb, Sion; B Finlay 6lb, Sion.

Derg Good water all week. Around Ardstraw reports are sketchy but there were some fish seen running hard. There is a small head of fish building above Castlederg. I have spoken to two anglers this week who have both witnessed small runs of fresh running fish above the town. One young man grassed a 5lb salmon and a 4lb brown trout: both were returned.

Outlook is unsettled with more rain late in the week. Becoming warmer.

Note: If you are planning a visit to the Mourne or Derg keep an eye on the river cameras at this link for the latest river conditions and reports.

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Mourne/Derg report week ending 16 June 2012

Mourne  Difficult is the best way to describe the week. One or two days at the start of the week looked promising only to be spoiled by heavy overnight rain pushing the river up. From Wednesday, 13 June the river has been in a dirty flood dropping occasionally to offer hope only to rise again due to heavy showers in the Sperrins. As I write Sunday, 17 June, there is hope with the rotten rock about to break at Victoria Bridge signalling the start of any serious angling effort. Catches were largely confined to the Sion Mills area in the early part of the week with some landed in the private beats above Victoria Bridge and as far as the Snaa. Plenty of fish seen dipping at the weir and Gravenue. It was encouraging to see the emergence, all be it small, of June running grilse. The high water should ensure these welcome visitors escape well up the system.

Sunday, 10 June: McCrea 1 fish Sion; T Cassells, 11lb Gravenue;  C Kelly 14lb Sion; G Patton 7lb Sion; E Boyle 3.5lb & 4.5lb Sion; F Finley 2 fish Sion.

Monday, 11 June: F Finley 15lb, 13lb, 9lb, 7lb (two returned) Sion; G Robinson 5lb Sion; C Black 8lb Sion; J Connors 10lb Gravenue; T Quinn 6lb Sion; B Hutchinson 7lb Sion.

Tuesday, 12 June: J Winters 3 fish (2 returned) Sion; B Garland 1 fish Sion; A Norby 10lb Sion; G McClure 10lb & 7lb Back of the Mill.

Derg  The river was in good nick for most of the week and it was good to report some fish, mostly springers, being landed around Castlederg town. One angler told me he seen bars of silver – grilse – for the first time in a few years and it made his day although he could not connect with any. Around Ardstraw there has been increased angling effort as news of a sprinkling of grilse on the move spread like wildfire. The outlook is that it will become warmer over the course of the coming week but still unsettled with the chance of heavy rain any day. Plan your visits well and get as much local knowledge as you can about the conditions before travelling. Grilse numbers should begin to build up steadily from now on.

Good to see the Finn and Derg getting some June grilse again which was the norm up until the last few years. Traditionally, the Mourne main run would be a week or so behind the Finn run. The Drowse also got a good run of fish.

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Fishing underway on the Upper Mourne

This Monday, 11 June and Tuesday, 12 June saw some great sport for visiting rods J Caskey  and D Fullerton.  On the Snaa pool J Caskey landed a fresh 11 pound salmon, which was followed by D Fullerton landing a 2 lb then a further 4.5 lb fish; numerous other “pulls” were offered and a few got away.  The next day D Fullerton landed a clean 2lb fish in Carniquin.  A good start for the season. The Estate is now offering a reduced price for beats in June and July, £175 inc VAT for the beat which holds two rods.

Further details on

Abercorn Estates

Baronscourt Estate Office

Newtownstewart, Omagh,  Co. Tyrone  BT78 4EZ

+44 28 8166 1683 (o)

+44 7770 916 224 (m)

Mourne/Derg Report week ending 10 June 2012

Mourne  We had contrasting conditions over the past week with the river remaining low until Wednesday when thundery showers produced a small dirty flood. More persistent rain during Wednesday and Thursday resulted in a large flood which lasted until Sunday when the river dropped back to good order. It was understandably quiet early in the week with very little angling effort although there were unconfirmed reports of a couple of fish landed around Sion and Strabane. It wasn’t until Sunday that things kicked off with 7/8 landed in Sion; see below. There is the odd sea trout around which should be handled with care and returned safely.

Sunday, 10 June: P McCrea 1 fish Sion; Alister Scott 7lb Gravenue; B Finlay 2 fish Sion; T Cassells 11lb Purgator; G Patton 7lb Sion; C Kelly 14lb Sion.

Monday, 11 June: River in great nick with one rod landing 4 in Sion (2 released). Fish were seen on the weir and upstream at Victoria Bridge.

Derg  Anglers were out in force on Saturday, 9 and Sunday 10 June, although I have no reports of anything caught or seen. More rain forecast for this week should keep the river in good nick; there are reports of fish in the Foyle. Fish on the weir at Sion is a good sign and to be welcomed for anglers upstream around Victoria Bridge. The forecast is for heavy rain from Friday so make the best of it this week.

You can now use the live river cams at Victoria Bridge and Ardstraw to check river heights on the Mourne and Derg at

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Mourne/Derg report week ending Saturday, 2 June 2012

Mourne  The sunshine continued for a second week on the trot. A wet front, which it was hoped, would bring some relief for anglers fizzled out with no effect leaving the Mourne very low and full of glar. A few fish were landed by those early birds willing to put in the effort.

Wednesday 29 May: Tom Cashell, 6.5lb Gravenue

Thursday, 30 May: Tom Cashell, 8lb Gravenue

Saturday, 2 June Sean Curran, two fish Sion Mills

Derg  Nothing of note to report.

Good rain forecast for Tuesday to Thursday coming from the south-west should provide relief for fish and anglers. There is evidence of a few fish around Lifford Bridge and hopefully this is the tip of the iceberg. Over the years, the bulk of Mourne grilse could be expected around the second week in June with the Finn getting their main run during the first week. In more recent years, the Mourne run appears to be getting later with the bulk of fish going to the Strule. Unfortunately, the Derg run has suffered a bit but initiatives by Derg Angling Club it is hoped will over time help restore the river to its former status.

Mark Gough, NM Tackle, Sion Mills  Tel: +44 (0)28 8165 9501

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