Mourne/Derg reports week ending 26 May 2012

Mourne  Wall-to-wall sunshine for the whole week made angling difficult! Early morning and evenings when the sun was low offered the best chance of a fish. As expected, catches suffered due to the poor conditions although there was some action earlier in the week before the water ran off. I have received reports of a fish or two landed just below Newtownstewart on the lower Strule which is encouraging for anglers anywhere upstream of Sion Mills.

Sunday 20 May: BHutchinson 8lb, Purgatory; J Winters 8lb, Gravenue (returned);S Arbuckle two fish around Strabane.

Monday 21 May: two or three fish landed around Sion but details are sketchy.

Saturday 26 May: K Melaugh 9lb, Gravenue.

Derg  No catches to report but given a drop of water from now on you could expect a fish or two around Ardstraw.

Outlook  Difficult to predict: given some fresh water we would expect better numbers of mostly grilse to start putting in an appearance. Fingers crossed for rain!

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Mourne/Derg report week ending 19 May 2012

Mourne  Too high on Tuesday 15 May, otherwise a good week for both Mourne and Derg with excellent sustained water levels all week. Fly fishing was the order for most of the week but occasionally the spinners got in on the act and produced a few fish as well. 

It was a good week on the Mourne with fresh fish moving in all week, mostly springers but also a few early grilse. Last Sunday was a red letter day around Sion Mills with about 11 fish landed and several more lost. There were about 30 landed for the week with the Gravenue figuring highly, a few fish above the weir were also landed. Best fish of the week fell to Strabane’s Christy Kelly with a fresh 12lb fish landed from the Gravenue on Wednesday 16 May.There are also reports of an angler landing a bigger fish from the Woodhole but to date I have no name. 

Sunday 13May           J McAleer 9lb, Blackstone; Alister Scott 5lb, Gravenue; J Brennan 7lb, Gravenue (returned); D Gallagher 11lb Gravenue; K McGurk7.5lb Gravenue; Eamon Boyle 6lb Gravenue; M Stewart 6lb; J Tinney 9lb

Monday 14 May          A Norby 10lb Gravenue; T Farrell 11lb Gravenue (returned); E McLoughlin 6lb Gravenue; A Murphy 10lb Woodhole; P Martin 8lb Strabane.

Tuesday 15 May         A Norby 9lb Gravenue; D Patton 10lb Gravenue; J Winters 5lb (returned);

Thursday 17 May        A Norby 7lb Gravenue

Friday 18 May            E McLoughlin 6lb Gravenue; BHutchinson9lb Gravenue.

Saturday 19 May        D Hanna 10lb Bigh 

There were about half a dozen other fish landed but names and sizes are sketchy. 

Derg  Good water all week might encourage an odd early springer to enter the river. To date, I have no reports of any fish seen or landed.

Water levels are good at the moment and should hold for most of next week. Milder weather forecast for the first half of the week should ensure good fishing conditions.

An angler recited an interesting tale to me this week about a visit to the Blackstone. While deep wading the run over the pool he saw what he described as pig entering the pool through the streams. A large back just broke the surface below followed by a parting of the waves like a mini tsunami. With his heart thumping at the thought of hooking a leviathan (!) he put out a perfect cast and watched and waited breathless as his fly swung around. The feeling was short lived, and his heart sank when he saw the tell-tale bubbles of an otter swimming deep and coming ever closer in his direction. About four feet in front of him the bubbles stopped and a large head appeared with a cheeky look on its face. Close your knees tightly was the first thought, followed by where is my wading stick?! The otter showed no fear and was having none of it! He dived and like a ballistic torpedo rammed him in the mid ships, just below the water line. The by now speechless and shocked angler told me it was like having your middle stump uprooted, bails and all! Lovely little otter was the immediate after-thought when he ran up the bank!

My advice to anglers thinking of casting a line around the Blackstone any time soon is “BEWARE”: you have been warned.

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Mourne/Derg report week ending 7 May 2012

Mourne  Wall to wall sunshine all week, a nippy north wind in your face but rising tides to make anglers think, made for challenging conditions on the Mourne over the past week. Anglers were thin on the ground due to the river showing its bones. Most activity cantered on the Gravenue in Sion Mills and Lifford Bridge. There were a few fish landed, the best being A Pattons fish of 11lb from the Gravenue. Others included:

Thur 4 May          Mark Kane 7lb Gravenue, Alister Scott 8lb Gravenue,     A Devenny 8lb Strabane.

Sat 28April          A patton 11lb Gravenue.

Rain forecast early this week might bring the river up, good tides and there’s the possibility of grilse putting in a show soon.

Derg  Too early for salmon but worth a throw for good quality brown trout.

Note: Lots of smolts around the Mourne and Derg at the moment: please handle with care!

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Mourne/Derg Report week ending 29 April 2012

Mourne The last week has seen lovely conditions. Heavy showers last weekend brought a small dirty flood down the river on Monday, 23 April which quickly cleared and by Tuesday the river was near perfect. The main complaint amongst anglers has been the unseasonably bright sunshine and cold nights accompanied by a bitter north wind making hard work for the fly casters. It was a good week with several springers and a couple of grilse landed. A couple more lost including young Shane McAleer who lost a springer in McCartneys Flat and several more fish seen.

Sunday 22 April         Gary Wolfe 10lb Gravenue

Monday 23 April         A Murphy 8lb Woodhole

Thursday 26 April       S Curran 9lb Gravenue, J Winters 8lb Gravenue

Friday 27 April           Simon Preston 11lb Gravenue and lost a grilse; J Connors 9lb Gravenue; T Farrell 10lb Gravenue; G Hamilton 4lb (returned) Back of Mill

Saturday 28 April       Andrew Loughlin, 12lb Gravenue

Derg  Some small hatches Hawthorn and Olives are encouraging a few good brown trout to rise in the afternoons. A local Ardstraw man had a nice trout over 3lb during the week. Sion Mills and above Strabane is still the place to be for a good chance of a spring fish. Given a bit more water a fish or two will probably move upstream towards Victoria Bridge. It looks like high pressure to the north will give us a generally dry week. There’s a slight chance of rain early in the week otherwise bright with clear cold nights.

Note: Lots of smolts migrating downstream lately; please handle with care!

Mark Gough, NM Tackle, Sion Mills  Tel: +44 (0)28 8165 9501

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