Mourne/Derg Reports week ending 22 April 2012

Mourne A dirty flood came down the river from Monday night (16 April) until Thursday morning (19 April). Thursday saw the river in good condition, a bit grumbly early in the day but well cleaned out by the afternoon. From Friday to Sunday the whole river was perfect. It was Saturday before any fish were landed. My two brothers, Nigel and Travis, both hooked fish below Higgins stream. Nigel landed and returned a near perfect 10lb sea-liced fish on the fly while Travis was unlucky and lost a better fish after a 10-minute battle. Andy Patton also landed a fish of 10lb as did J Winters. On Sunday, Gary Wolfe had another fish of 10lb+ from the Gravenue.

It’s as good a time as any to be looking for a springer, what with good water, good tides, rain on the forecast, the Finn getting fresh runs of fish. Get your fly in the water: you won’t catch one at home!

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Mourne/Derg reports week ending 15 April 2012

Mourne From Monday 9 to Wednesday 11 April, heavy hail and rain showers brought the Mourne into a small dirty but nonetheless welcome flood; from Thursday 12 to Saturday 14, generally fishable but always had some degree of colour, more suitable for spinning but in known holding pools and lies a fly could be cast. Sunday 15 saw the river in near perfect condition.

It was a difficult week for locals and visiting anglers alike on the Mourne, with frequent showers pushing the river up and down like a yoyo, typically April. The first half of the week was a washout with a small dirty flood but by Thursday things began to improve: from Sion Mills waters J McLoughlin had a 6lb fish from Purgatory on the fly and J Tinney had a fish around 11lb from Higgins Stream. From Strabane & Lifford Anglers’ waters there was another fish landed but details are sketchy. Total for the opening fortnight is approx 8–9 fish, with a few more lost and others seen.

Rain forecast for the coming week and good tides should ensure there is a chance of a fresh fish in the main pools between Sion Mills and Strabane. The Gravenue, Purgatory, Woodhole, the Mars and Lords Hole, the Blackstone and Higgins Stream are all likely spots.

Derg Time enough until late May.

Mark Gough, NM Tackle, Sion Mills  Tel: +44 (0)28 8165 9501

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Mourne / Derg Reports week ending 8 April 2012


Conditions March was one of the driest months I can remember and ensured the Mourne was showing its bones for the opening week of the 2012 season although high tides during the week gave anglers a glimmer of hope that a fish or two would leave the Foyle and enter the river.

Week One On opening day as expected and due to the conditions only a handful of anglers were out around Sion Mills and Strabane. John Murray (pictured) from Sion was first to get into the action with a lovely fresh 10lb fish landed from Purgatory. John also tightened in another fish and landed a nice brown trout, just over 1lb.

The fish was hooked on a pattern of his own called the “CGS” (Closely Guarded Secret) which John later gave away to an admirer.  As normal, the Gravenue was well fished all day without a pull although some fish were seen in the pool before opening day. At about 7pm Christopher Adams tried his luck with the fly and surprised a few regulars by hooking and landing his first springer, a fresh 7lb fish. There was one other fish landed from the Strabane and Lifford Anglers’ water but I have no details. Not a bad opening day, all things considered!

On Thursday, 5 March there were another two fish grassed from the Gravenue. Tommy Farrell and R Logan landed a fresh fish each of 7–8lb.

That’s the story for the opening week: five landed and a couple lost. Several other fish were seen in the usual pools below the weir at Sion throughout the week and there is still a good number of kelts knocking around.

Outlook Much needed rain is forecast for the week but it remains to be seen if it will bring a rise in the river. Best chance of an early fish would be any pool below the weir at Sion Mills.


Too early!

Signatories urgently wanted!


See ‘Campaigns’ to download the letter of petition to the Minister of the Environment, Mr Alex Attwood MLA urging him to suspend without delay the operation of the hydro-electric scheme installed by Omagh District Council on the River Camowen.

Signatories urgently wanted!

The recently-commissioned hydroelectric scheme installed by Omagh District Council has given cause for grave concern as outlined in the attached letter (prepared by Omagh Anglers’ Club) and which all anglers are asked to download, date, sign and send to Mr Alex Attwood MLA, Minister for the Environment. This hydro represents all the issues associated with this form of water abstraction for all the wrong reasons and clearly shows how it can come into great conflict with our sport and illustrates the need for all hydro projects to be properly managed. It is therefore essential that as many anglers as possible send this letter to the Minister to register their concern.

Download letter to Mr Attwood here

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