Mourne/Derg Report week ending 4 September 2011

Conditions  A tale of two halves this week on both rivers! Monday to Thursday saw summer conditions, cloudy by day with occasionally clear skies at night leading to a touch of early morning dew on the grass. When wading, there was a definite drop of a degree or two in water temperature. Overnight rain on Thursday brought the rivers up a few inches on Friday and following more persistent rain on Friday and Saturday saw the Mourne and Derg in good order by Sunday. On Sunday afternoon a three-hour band of rain swept through, bringing all rivers into a decent flood on Monday morning.

Mourne  The first part of the week saw very little angling effort. Odd fish were landed from different beats by those prepared to put the hours in; visiting anglers were the most successful landing fish around Strabane, Sion Mills and above Victoria Bridge. Friday to Sunday saw local anglers back in numbers encouraged by the sight of fish taking the weir at Sion at a steady trickle. As usual the hotspots around Strabane and Sion accounted for the bulk of fish landed but the private beats above Victoria Bridge also did well. On Sunday I witnessed about eight grilse fresh off the tide being landed in the upper Mourne, the bulk of which were returned none the worse. It was also noticeable there was a real mixture of fish on the move, small, medium and large, fresh and coloured all visible moving through pools at the same time.

Derg  The Derg followed a similar path to the Mourne with water levels rising into flood by the weekend. I have no reports of any fish landed around Ardstraw which would indicate very few fresh fish entering the river. Unfortunately the main topic of conversation on the river bank is the amount of fish being taken in the head waters by shrimpers who have no regard for the future welfare of the river. On Saturday I approached one angler proudly displaying a two pound grilse without a tag, which was as black as your boot at the border bridge. He was carrying a spinning rod which was adorned with float and shrimp for all to see. He informed me in a very distinct accent that he came every weekend and sometimes evenings, proudly he boasted of catching over thirty fish this year, five of which were around ten pound. When I enquired what he did with them he claimed he ate every one of them!

Outlook  Heavy rain forecast for Monday/Tuesday should keep the river up allowing fish to be on the move. If the river settles there would be every chance of sport anywhere from all beats. We should be starting to see evidence of true back-end fish beginning to appear soon which would be a welcome sight to everyone. Keep your eye out for a true drop in water temperature shortly and the inevitable fall in leaves that comes with it!

Mark Gough, NM Tackle, Sion Mills


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Upper Mourne August 2011 Fishing Report

1 Monday R. Hill 4.5lb and G. McClure 3lb grilse caught in the Snaa
2 Tuesday D. Fulton 3.5lb in the Snaa and 1.5lb in the Half Water
3 Wednesday P. Hannan, 7.5lb in Half Water; following day W. Ross, Limavady caught 5lb in Blackstone, and a further 5lb in the Snaa, his son L Ross landed a 4lb fish in the Snaa
8 Monday B Henderson, Belfast, a 5lb in the Blackstone, and 3lb grilse in the Snaa; the water level from 5 – 8 August was low
9 Tuesday Water was marked at 4” on the rock, overcast with no wind
10 Wednesday Water is rising and was marked at 4” on rock at 11am, 8” at 12 noon and 24” at 8.30pm a lot of grilse seen running
11 Thursday Water very dirty, no fishing, marked at 4.5 ft in the morning
12 Friday Water dropping, marked at 3ft 4” at 8am, down to just under 3ft at 11am, overcast, R. Freeborn caught a 11lb on Snaa – water marked at 3ft 4” on the Rock – water rising later that night
13 Saturday I. Caldwell caught two on the Derg Hole, 1 x 9lb and 1 x 7lb. – water well up in the morning
14 Sunday Water showing at 2ft 6” on Rock on Sunday morning
15 Monday Water showing at 3ft 6” at 5pm
16 Tuesday Water marked at 2ft 9”
18 Thursday A. Alston caught 5lb in the Snaa, water 1ft 5” and falling, in good order, I Caldwell, 5lb in Toby
19 Friday R. Gibson – 1 x 2.5lb and 1 x 3lb at the Snaa, I. Caldwell – 1 x 12 lb and 1 x 4lb on Carney, and 1 x 8lb on Snaa
20 Saturday Water down to 11” and clean, A. Hutchinson, 4lb on the Snaa, Alison Bagnall, 5lb at Lisnagirk and R. Gibson, 6lb on the Halfwater
21 Sunday J. Irvine, 4lb on the Halfwater with water down to 10” and clean
22 Monday C. Gillespie, 12lb from the Snaa, 3lb in Doaks, water 8” and clean
23 Tuesday Water 6” and falling, no rain. Water rose 24 and 25 with good offerings for the fishermen but no fish landed
26 Friday I. Gordon, 4lb Snaa, R. Hill 5.5lb from Toby
27 Saturday T. Brown, 5lb Blackstone
30 Sunday I. Gordon 9lb Snaa, 31 August J. Beveridge 5.5 Snaa

Total for August: 32 salmon

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