Upper Mourne catch report

Last week we welcomed C. McKibbin from Aberdeenshire for his first experience to the Upper Mourne. Monday 11 July at Blackstone he landed a 7lb salmon; that morning in the Snaa he lost one good fish, 12 July he landed a 4lb grilse in the Halfwater, and lost a sea trout and another salmon.  Sea trout fishing on the night of the 14th yielded a 1.5lb sea trout and a good number of brownies; 15th July in the Snaa he landed a 3lb and 5lb fish, and on the 16th caught a 5lb in the Halfwater.  He was expertly guided by R. Freeborn.  So for four days fishing he landed five salmon, and one sea trout, and played strongly three other fish.  Other catches: 11th July R. Hill caught a 7lb salmon from Carniquin;  16th July N. Collins, a visiting angler from London, landed a 5lb salmon in the Snaa; and local angler J. Irvine a 4lb from the Halfwater.  A total of nine fish were landed last week. There are prospects for some great fishing in the middle to later part of this week if and when the rain settles.

Mourne/Derg Report w/e 17th July

Mourne  A small rise on the 11th but low water the rest of the week made for a poor week on the Mourne. To date there is little evidence of any serious run of grilse into the river. Occasionally a small pod or two have entered the river off a tide, the best chance of contacting these are on the lower beats from Strabane up to the Back of the Mill at Sion Mills, otherwise it is a case of trying for a few of the residents that occupy most pools, most of these are either caught and released or pricked. There are one or two juvenile sea trout in the river but unfortunately the days when they were in plague numbers are now just a memory. Heavy showers on Saturday rose the Mourne up to 11 inches on the gauge at Victoria Bridge (or the rotten rock just covered in old money) on Sunday the 17th which was a bit coloured for fly. At Sion Mills I counted a dozen grilse take the weir in an hour. These should provide a bit of sport in the coming week.

Derg  Not much is happening on the Derg due to the low water. The small rise on Saturday 17th brought some relief for anglers but fish were scarce. John Yanni and his father, Paul, from England, fishing on a day ticket, had a grilse (returned) on their first day here and saw another caught. Both fished hard all day but saw nothing else.

Outlook  The forecast for the week looks unsettled but no major rain until next weekend which should keep the Mourne in good nick.

Mark at NM Tackle

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Mourne/Derg Report w/e 10 July 2011

Mourne  The last week once again saw the Mourne in great condition for fishing all week with good water levels and a freshening up of things with a small flood mid-week. Mild air and broken cloud meant for the most conditions could not have been better. As I write Sunday evening, more heavy showers are falling which will keep the river up.

Unfortunately there are not the numbers of grilse around one would normally associate with mid-July and little if any sea trout. One or two small pods of grilse are escaping the tides: these are either picked off around Sion Mills in the usual hot spots or move quickly through the lower sections to the upper Mourne. I have fished perfect water this week in some of the premier beats without seeing the water broken bar a couple of herring-sized sea trout. I am aware of some fish landed in the Feddens, The Snaa and Half Water, Liskey and of course the Gravenue but alas there is definitely a lack of numbers.

Derg  The Derg has had another quiet week due mainly to lack of water. A small rise mid-week quickly ran off leaving the river showing its bones. There are reports of one or two fish grassed above Castlederg but as the season is now in the second half I fear the Derg will once again miss out.

Outlook  We will get grilse! When, is anybody’s guess! Unconfirmed reports from the Foyle suggest there are fish in the estuary and if the level of poaching is anything to go by this could be true. I know many anglers are praying for a repeat of four years ago when we saw a lot of fish from 11 July to the end of the season.

Mark, NM Tackle, Sion Mills

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Upper Mourne report

Fishing got underway in earnest at the end of June with five good sized fish landed in the last week.  On 25 June J. Hutton caught an 8 lb salmon on the Halfwater and two days later visiting angler J Fending used a gold shrimp to land a fine 9.24  lb salmon, the largest fish for the month.  A total of seven fish were caught for the month. 

The first two weeks in July have seen a good showing of small pods of fish travelling through the river with a total of 11 fish landed.  Many more fish have been reported lost, the blame being placed on fresh grilse with soft mouths!  I. Gordon caught a fresh 6lb grilse in the Top Stream.  Visiting angler S McCabe caught two good fish, 3lb and 7lb, both in the Snaa pool.  J. Hutton landed the largest fish of the month at 11lb on Sunday 10 July in the Snaa pool.  The fishery is now producing good and steady catches.   There is some availability of rods for August; please see www.barons-court.com for further details.

Feddens report w/e 4 July 2011

An above-average catch of good sized salmon and two grilse were landed during June. The best fish of 13.5 lb was caught by Jim Houston but there have been no confirmed catches of sea trout. The very small grilse, so numerous up to two years ago, have all but disappeared and hopefully will be replaced by the traditional 6–7 lb grilse run which has been scarce for a long number of seasons.  Anglers are hoping for a few July floods, and with all legal netting stopped since last year, we have high hopes of a decent grilse run. With the now well-established late August/September run of 8–12 lb fish, a good season is expected.

Frank Elliot

Mourne/Derg reports w/e 3 July 2011

Mourne  Generally a quiet week on the Mourne. Water levels remained good all week with the river holding a nice height for fly, warm overcast weather added to the good conditions. Fish have been landed but not in the numbers you would expect for the end of June when you would have hoped for Derg grilse to have entered the river by now. Water was diverted from the weir through the mill for most of the week so maintenance could be carried out on the counters; unable to get to the weir, a small pod of fish took up residence from the outflow at the back of the mill down to the Wood Hole at Sion Mills: this provided some sport for anglers. Elsewhere, your chances of a fish have decreased with springers by now settling in for the summer and becoming stale. Reports from the Foyle indicate an increase in poaching activity: this in itself would indicate an increase in fish in the Foyle.

Derg  The Derg lacked water all week and as a result angling effort suffered.

Outlook  The forecast for the week looks promising with rain on the horizon from Tuesday onwards. Ever the optimist, grilse have to come sometime! It’s been a better than average season so far so “please Lord” let it continue!

Tight Lines!

Mark, NM Tackle, Sion Mills

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