Mourne/Derg reports, w/e 26 June 2011

Mourne Over the past fortnight the Mourne has seen two good floods and for the most part has remained fishable for fly with excellent water levels. A flood on Thursday 16th and Friday 24th quickly dropped and cleaned out to leave the river looking its best and giving everyone the chance of a fish. Angling effort has now spread out, with all pools on the river providing some action. With high, clean water, fish have moved over the weir at Sion Mills and upstream into the Derg and Strule. There are daily reports of fish being landed throughout the river with the usual spots doing well, The Blackstone, Back of the Mill, The Gravenue, Paddy’s Stream, The Bigh, Liskey, Mulvin, The Feddons and The Sna all producing excellent quality fish. Over the weekend it was noted that a small pod of grilse moved quickly through the river providing some welcome action for anglers in the high water throws above Victoria Bridge.

Derg The river has been up and down a lot over the last fortnight but has remained clean and fishable for the most part. Several fish have been grassed at Ardstraw and a few more above Castlederg around the Beaches and King Streams. It is very welcome to see springers and summer salmon in the Derg this early in the season albeit in small numbers.

Outlook It remains to be seen if we get a decent run of grilse this year, the traditional Derg June run seems to have disappeared and been replaced by a Strule July run. Over the past few weeks a sprinkling of grilse have been seen but nowhere near enough yet. Four years ago the first good grilse run did not arrive until the 11–13 July when substantial numbers crossed the weir at Sion. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Tight Lines!

Mark – NM Tackle, Sion Mills



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Mourne/Derg reports w/e 4 June 2011

Mourne The Mourne remained virtually unfishable from Monday to Wednesday as a result of heavy rain all day last Sunday bringing the river into a dirty flood. All three main tributaries contributed, with the Strule and Owenkillew being particularly dirty. By Thursday things were looking up with the high water pools beginning to fish and Friday and Saturday saw the river approaching its best. As I write (Sunday night) it has been raining all day! Thursday to Sunday saw a good number of fresh salmon and the odd grilse being grassed regularly from all the main beats of the Mourne. Hot spots were again the Gravenue in Sion Mills but fish were landed in good numbers upstream as far as the Snaa and Feddens and downstream from the Blackstone, Haggins’s stream and the Doctors. The quality of both salmon and grilse so far has been as good as I have seen.  I was lucky enough to land a fresh fish about 8lb from the Feddens today and saw a few more running fish moving upstream.

Derg Despite the heavy rain last Sunday the Derg has been near perfect all week. It’s great to hear of fish being landed from as far upstream as Killeter. It’s still early for the Derg but so much high water fish have been able to move rapidly upstream giving anglers their best chance in years of a fresh spring fish. At Ardstraw I have reports of two fish from Laffertys Flat and Legacar.

Outlook The forecast for the week is another mixed bag but I suppose we should be grateful! Best chance of a fish this week is anywhere, fish are well spread out offering a good chance in any pool that is fishable. Grilse are now beginning to appear and it shouldn’t be too long until we see the first decent run into the river. Tight Lines!

Mark, NM Tackle, Sion Mills

Feddons report w/e 4 June 2011

Feddons (West Bank) A total catch of 3 salmon and 1 small grilse were caught. The pattern of the first salmon on the beat being landed in May was repeated for the 10th season in a row with two caught during the past fortnight. Brendan Garland, the well known fly dresser from Belfast, landed and released a fresh 10.5 lb fish from the Lynn pool on a Bann Special and was back in time to demonstrate his skills on the Fly Dressers Row at the Loughs Agency Fair in Newtownstewart. The heavy rain since the 5 June has put the river out of bounds but should yield some good sized fish and grilse later in the month and hopefully some sea trout which usually arrive mid June. It would be a welcome sight to see these return after disappearing a number of years ago.

Frank Elliot

Upper Mourne report w/e 3.6.2011

Upper Mourne Fishing has just got underway on the Upper Mourne this week,  with 2 lovely fish caught by R Freeborn on 1 June; they weighed 7¼ lb and 8 lb. There is currently good availability of beats for June and July, please see for bookings.

Mourne/Derg reports w/e 3.6.2011

Mourne The last week saw very good fishing conditions throughout the Mourne with the river clean and holding an excellent fishing height all week. From each tide came fresh fish, moving through Strabane on to Sion Mills and on through the system to the Derg and Strule. Hot spots this week were as usual around Sion Mills, the Gravenue being particularly deadly for early morning anglers with up to a dozen or more hooked on some days. Saturday saw a fish of 20lb landed by one lucky angler. A few grilse and one or two good quality sea trout have appeared during the week. With water levels around Strabane and Lifford still a tad heavy, numbers were understandably lower, that said a number of fish were landed from the Doctors, Higgins Stream and the Black Stone. The heavy rain over the past few weeks coinciding with good tides have ensured a widespread distribution of spring fish throughout the river giving everyone the chance of a fish or two. Having seen a number of the fish that were landed I was struck by the quality of this years springers, most being 10lb or over.
Derg The river has been fishable all week and has produced a couple of fish to Ardstraw locals. The Derg should by now have a number of well-rested springers lying up mostly in the slower deeper pools. Early grilse have appeared but in small numbers. Derg anglers will be praying for an improved run than recent seasons.
Outlook The outlook is for more general rain all week which should keep things interesting. Timing your visits to the river is everything when the weather is unpredictable so keep a close eye on forecasts and the gauge.
Mark, NM Tackle, Sion Mills
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