Mourne/Derg Report week ending 24 April 2011

Mourne A very quiet week on the Mourne with the only report being one fish landed at Lifford Bridge. Throughout the week high pressure dominated with clear blue skies, wall to wall sunshine and the Mourne beginning to show its bones. There are unconfirmed reports of a few fish moving through Strabane in mid week and if true there would be a chance of a fish around the Wood Hole or Blackstone if we could find a few clouds. The outlook for the next week isn’t looking too positive so get the garden in order while the sun shines!

Derg Nothing to report yet.

No April Fool!

Mourne  Heavy rain on Wednesday night produced an immediate dirty flood mostly in the Derg by Thursday morning. Throughout Thursday the Derg steadily dropped and it looked like opening day on the Mourne would be OK.

Opening day arrived with the Mourne in good order with just a hint of colour and at a good fishable height for all methods. Angling effort was concentrated as expected mostly in Sion Mills and downstream to Strabane with the Gravenue, Woodhole, Blackstone, the Doctors and Gardens seeing the most angling effort. A number of kelts were landed throughout the day and thankfully returned safely but it wasn’t until about 4 o’clock that Omagh angler Jeffrey Hamilton, fishing fly in the Gravenue, hooked and landed the first legally caught salmon on the Mourne of 2011. I am informed this was Jeffrey’s first ever salmon. Local opinion has it Jeffrey will make a fine salmon angler as he kept his fly a closely guarded secret. Well done, Jeffrey, and may you catch many more!

Friday night saw more heavy rain which left the Mourne unfishable on Saturday. By Sunday the river had dropped sufficiently to allow a bit of spinning but it was still a bit too heavy for fly.

The forecast for the coming week is a real mixed bag with westerlies bringing rain. Expect the Mourne to rise and fall accordingly; this will help spring fish enter the river.

Derg  Nothing to report yet. 

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