Mourne/Derg Report week ending 28 August 2010

Mourne  The Mourne has witnessed many ups and downs over the last fortnight. One decent flood and many small rises, mostly influenced by unexpected spates in the Derg,Owenkillew or Camowen. The weather is now showing the first signs of autumn with a distinct nip in the air morning and evening. For many local anglers this is the most productive part of the season and is eagerly awaited. The ‘pluckers and tuggers’ appear to take on a much more aggressive tone with more positive takes being the norm. Today, the Mourne is low but the week ahead offers the chance of another rise. Fish have continued on a daily basis to enter the river on most tides, grilse have now given way to better quality fish in the 7/12lb mark with some big fish around 14/17lb not uncommon. No one area stands out more than the rest with club and private waters all fishing well. All pools have a mixture of resident coloured and fresh sea-liced fish.

Derg  The Derg appears to be suffering the same fate as the Finn with a distinct lack of fish in June/July. Odd fish are being landed but not many fresh fish have entered the river.

Note: Now would be a good time for anglers to start considering weather or not to kill a coloured, poorly conditioned fish – perhaps instead return it to spawn.

Mark Gough @ NM Tackle Sion Mills. Tel: 028 8165 9501

Mourne/Derg Report 12 August 2010

Mourne Despite a few small water rises over the past fortnight nothing much has changed on the Mourne. Not the one single big run of fresh fish that we had hoped for considering the legal nets are off, instead a steady trickle of fish coming off every tide. These small frequent runs are enough to give anglers a chance of a fish, however angling effort is low due more to the frustrating number of “Pluckers” in the river. A good percentage of landed fish have borne the signs of net marks indicating a large increase in poaching. On a more positive note there seem to be better quality fish coming off the tides in the past week.

Derg Poor water levels over the last fortnight have not helped the Derg. A few fish were seen moving through Ardstraw during a small rise recently.

Mark Gough @ NM Tackle, Sion Mills. Tel: 028 8165 9501

Thought for August!  Some catch fish. Others simply feed them!

Feddens (West Bank) Despite a few floods and small rises over the past six weeks the Feddens catch is 70% down on the ten year average for the fishery, very disappointing as much was expected following the removal of the nets on the Foyle. Fish caught were mainly 3–6lb and some bore net marks. As summer sea trout are now but a memory everyone is hoping for a good salmon run in late August and September as large numbers of good quality salmon have consistently entered the Mourne for the past number of seasons.

Frank Elliot

July 2010 fishing report from Abercorn Estates

The Upper Mourne benefited from decent water height in July making for good fishing; a total of 26 salmon were landed, with a further 10 lost. Connor Moran from Londonderry landed his first ever salmon, 4 lbs on the Snaa pool, with his father catching a similar sized fish. The largest fish for the month was caught by Ian Gordon, an experienced local angler, at 10lb. That day he also caught two further fish at 5lb and 2lb. Mid-July saw guest fishermen from Spain watching the reigning world spey-casting champion Gerard Downey on the Snaa pool. The Mourne had at least two good floods which both brought fresh fish into the system. Prospects for August are looking good.

Abercorn Estates, Baronscourt
Newtownstewart, Co Tyrone BT78 4EZ

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